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• St Ignatius JV a and Varsity soccer vs. St. Edward


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     We make your kids look like pros!  

    From our galleries of the St. Joseph vs. Lakewood girls rugby state championship game.

    Important changes for 2016-17

    We are making some significant changes to NEOSPORTSPIX.COM for the 2016-17 Season. Starting this fall we will only be photographing St. Ignatius High School sports as we have in previous years. All other schools (Bay, Westlake, Magnificat and St. Joseph Academy) will be on a paid basis, per game.

    The site continues to have high viewership and visits, but this has not translated to sales, which have declined the past several years. Advertisers and page sponsors that would allow us to continue covering specific schools have not come forward. And to be honest, we can’t compete with the number of hobbyists who photograph the games and give their work out for free. We can’t compete with free.

    If parents or booster clubs would like to schedule us to photograph an individual athlete, team or a specific game(s) please contact us to discuss your needs.

    Photo galleries from previous seasons will still be available, for the time being.

    We wish this were otherwise. Over the past ten years we have enjoyed being able to offer quality game action photos and the bonus of having made many friends along the way. Please, let us know if you have any questions. And thanks for you support over the years.

    - Al Fuchs