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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What quality is the Social Media Download file you offer?
    The actual file size is 6 x 4 inches at 72ppi. That's suitable for viewing on your computer or mobile device up to that size, with good quality. It's also handy for emailing or uploading to Facebook or a similar site. It's not intended for use as a computer desktop photo, or to make a 4 x 6 print. You'll need a larger file as it will quickly become pixellated. You can purchase a larger digital image online.

    Do you offer a discount if I want to order a large number of digital files?
    Yes, we do for our larger files. Please contact us for pricing. 

    How long does the standard shipping take?
    Orders generally ship in three to five days.

    How soon do you post galleries?
    It varies. We try to post within 24 hours. If the games are on a weekend (including Friday) it may not be until Monday afternoon or Tuesday. Photos coming from associate photographers may take a little longer or if we have a high volume. We provide an Update in the right column of our home page when new galleries are added as well as Tweet it.

    Do you cover other events?

    We do. Please contact us if there is a particular event you would like us to attend. Then we can post the images in either a public or private gallery.

    Where can I find photos from pervious seasons?
    Links to photo galleries published in the previous season can be found in our main Navigation menu. There are also links from each school for this season. If you are interested in ordering from galleries prior to the 2010 - 2011, please contact us

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